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Corporate Branding

Guests can add there own name prior to card being printed. Process takes roughly 1.5 minutes to complete.


Guest begin the session by entertaining there Name

BlueCoats_Basketball card.jpg

Personalized Trading Cards:

Saved image prior to printing.

Printed Final:  Front and back of card

Whole process takes about 1.5 minutes


Traditional photo strip:

With green screen images. 


Can be traditional colored background as well.


Professor Looney dunking over a player, with the magic and help of green screen technology.

Once guest are finished with the experience they can email the photos to themselves.

Each of these experiences can be done with the same photo booth set up.  Can be set up to run one or all in one game.  

Maybe one night have basketball trading card day.

The other night  Photo booth night or even Animated Gif Night.

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